Wednesday, January 18, 2012

75 Pounds of Potatoes

I haven't updated my progress on this blog for a while - I'm sorry about that. Life has just been too crazy for words lately. But here I am now. :)

First off, let me show you my most recent picture. This is me at 74 pounds lost.

I have to tell ya - it feels really good.

I'm still living the diet I mentioned before, with the meats, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and raw dairy. I've moved on to phase two of the diet, however, which includes a few of the lower-glycemic fruits. What's interesting is that fruit now tastes really sweet to me.

And now I have a funny story.

I was at the grocery store the other day, walking through the produce section, and was seized upon by a wild impulse. My mom was with me, and she always has her camera in her purse. We stopped by the potatoes and made a potato tower.

This is: 3 20 lb. bags, 1 10 lb. bag, and 1 5 lb. bag to add up to 75 pounds of potatoes. The last time I weighed in, I'd lost 74 pounds, so technically, I should have made a 74 lb. pile, but potatoes come in multiples of five.

And then of course I had my picture taken with that tower. (Ignore the fact that I'm not wearing makeup in this picture.)

Looking at all those potatoes on the floor, I just could not believe that I used to carry that much weight around on my body. I couldn't even lift those potatoes - I had to have my son do it for me. How did I function with all that weight? Of course I struggled, and I remember that plainly, but how was I not struggling more? How did I even get out of bed? I am so happy and grateful that I've finally been able to make this change. Seeing that stack of potatoes was a real eye-opener for me.

So, we take the picture, see, and just then, a man comes around the corner and needs to get down the aisle. I said, "Oh, don't mind us. I like having my picture taken with potatoes every so often - it's just something I do."

He didn't even bat an eye. "Not a problem." And he moved on down the aisle.

Sheesh ... I was expecting a chuckle, or even a cautious "Why?"