Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Lost Lamb is Returning to the Fold

Yes, it is I, the lost dieter. The lost little lamb is finding her way back to the safety of the fold. I decided that my clothes were sending a message of "Too tight; not right!" After a very sad New Years Eve by myself, (My kids were with their dad) and eating WAY too much, I gave in. On January 4, 2011 I joined Weight Watchers Online. I really love the online program! I love having a plan and trying my best to stick with it. Since the 4th I have lost 15.4 pounds. I know that this is not quite the excitement of The Biggest Loser, when people lose 15 pounds in one week, but I am happy. I am hoping when I next see all of you in May that there will be less of me to look at.

My question is, why does it always take a breaking point before we do something about our weight? As I said, my breaking point came after eating so much pizza I felt like throwing it up. There were many tears that night and I knew I was at my lowest point. I also knew that I loved my kids and myself enough to change my habits. Life is important to me and I want to be here to raise my kids. They also deserve a Mom who has the energy and strength to keep up with them.

I am happy to be back here giving and receiving support . It is the only way to truly be successful in any weight loss journey.