Thursday, August 26, 2010

5K update and Mockingjay

I drove my regular walking route (regular referring to the direction I usually take and not to frequency) and discovered it is 2 miles, not just 1 as I thought. So I'm not so good with estimating distances. The 5K this Saturday would be about 3.1 miles. That would be a little bit of a stretch, but not so much it would kill me.

Unfortunately, my husband's aunt died and the funeral is this Saturday in Utah. The same day as the 5K. Because of other factors, like work schedules, we are still deciding whether to go to the funeral, which means my participation in the 5K is in limbo. We'll see what happens.

But I have a new motivation for walking. I bought the e-book of Mockingjay, which I have been dying to read. So I made this contract with myself that I can read 1 chapter for each mile I walk. This evening I did my 2-mile route. Then later I needed to make a quick trip to the store and decided to walk there with a couple extra blocks thrown in to make it a full mile. So I got to read three chapters tonight. And Chapter 3 is one of those mini cliffhangers and I HAVE TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED! So it is likely I will drag myself out of bed a little earlier in the morning to get in some walking/reading.

And it occurs to me, I walked 3 miles today. That is nearly the equivalent of a 5K. I had some Writing Excuses podcasts on my MP3, which made it nearly painless. Well, other than the sweaty and sore part. But it made it not boring. Seriously, with the right motivation, I could walk a 5K every day. Maybe I don't need to pay an entrance fee and get the shirt. I'd rather use the entrance fee to buy another book or two. And I have plenty of shirts. In smaller sizes. That I would like to wear again.

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Nicole MacDonald said...

sounds like a good theory to me - and all you'd ever do with one of those t-shirts is wear it to bed ;p Sorry to hear about your husbands Aunt.