Saturday, September 17, 2011

Another Skinny Picture

My mom came over this afternoon to take some pictures of me for Facebook and whatnot, and took this one. I honestly thought that for as big as I am, I'd have to lose at least fifty pounds in order to see a difference, but I'm really seeing it now, at 33.5. Hooray!


Alice Lynn Alfred said...

Great job!! Keep going!!!

Betsy Love said...

Wow, Tristi, you look AMAZING!!!!!! I'm so proud of you.
I'm now a follower. You can email me:
love2write58 at yahoo dot com

Diane said...

Fantastic pictures! I didn't know you before, but 33.5 pounds? That's half a supermodel!!! (To quote Carrie Fisher) You go, girl!

Anna said...

You look GREAT!

I also lost 30 pounds and am amazed at how much better I look. It motivates me to finish the last 30 pounds knowing I'll look (and feel) that much better again.