Sunday, November 2, 2014

My Interesting Life

First off, I want to thank all of you for the outpouring of support you've given me since I announced what's going on with my back. You've blown me away with your caring and concern. Thank you!!

What's going on with me currently is as follows.

Most days, I can sit up in my recliner for about two hours, but I'm best off lying in bed. When I stand up, gravity pulls my upper half down into my hips and wigs them out, so if I'm going to a store or something with a lot of walking, I typically need to be in a wheelchair. My family has been really supportive - pushing my chair, picking up things when I drop them, etc.

I'm unable to do many of the things I would like. Housework, running errands, etc - a lot of it has to be delegated. Some days, I can only stand for a few minutes. Some days, I can only sit for a few minutes. Other days, I feel pretty good. It just all depends on the day.

On the positive side, though, the overall pain has decreased. If I'm careful and don't push beyond the limits my body has given me that day, I get along pretty well. Today I walked around too much and I've been paying the price. But when I listen, I get by.

My chiropractor is still working with me to get everything put back into place. The trick is strengthening the ligaments so they'll stay in place.

The main struggle I'm having is what it always has been - food. I can't stand up long enough to prepare a meal, so once again, I'm dependent on others to help me, and ... let's just say that sometimes ... it doesn't taste good.  :)  But I'm doing some kitchen training and hopefully I'll get my staff into shape.  :)

So that's what's up over here. Learning my limitations and seeking ways to stretch those boundaries without hurting myself. Trying to be patient when I want to do things I can't do. Appreciating my family and the support they give me.

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