Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Update on Tristi

It's time for another exciting episode of Days of Tristi's Life!

On the back/hip/leg muscle issue, I actually have good things to report. My mom found a cranial/sacral therapist and sent her down to see me, and after just one treatment, I was feeling so much better, I knew I'd found one of the answers I've been looking for. She came again last week and worked on me again, and there is light at the end of my tunnel! I'm still not up to walking around an entire grocery store, but I can walk around my house, and I've been down to the basement a couple of times (not as clean as my family had assured me, but I'd already prepared myself for that) and I've been to church without the wheelchair. She's coming again today and will continue to do so probably twice a month for a while, and I'm feeling so blessed to have found her.

In other news, a week ago I thought I was having a gallbladder attack. Turns out, I had a super, super bad stomach virus. So I was put on a liquid diet and then graduated to a soft foods diet. I am so hungry for a solid meal right now, it's not even funny, but I am now doing better on that score as well.

As soon as this bug is past, I'll be able to resume my quest for health. In the meantime, Merry Christmas!

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