Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Catching Up ...

Time to get back on track after Christmas, time for a new blog template, and time for an update from Tristi.

I am totally in love with the Game On! diet. I took a month's hiatus because I picked up several pretty large editing jobs and also got sick, and I have learned about myself that I can't concentrate on too many things at once. I used to be able to, but that was in another life, when I was younger, before I had four kids. So I took December off, and unfortunately, I did gain back some of the weight (there was some munching and crunching that took place) but I'm gearing up to start again on January 7th. If any of you would like to join me, just let me know - tristipinkston@gmail.com

In the meantime, I'm able to see how my body is reacting to healthy living and then not healthy living. It doesn't like it. It chooses to be healthy. So I'm going to go back to giving my body what it wants - and feeling like I finally have the power to do it. Power ... is awesome.


kbrebes said...

It's unusual for me, but I gained seven pounds in between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year. So, I started eating cabbage soup this week and have been losing, but not enough to weigh in at Weight Watchers and keep maintenance. Drat! I'll have to pay again, but I know it's best because it will get me back on track! I love WW, but I'll follow you, too!

PS The link in your email led me to your September post, not to this one.

Sandra said...

I did the cabbage soup thing once. I was thinking about doing it next week again. Mostly because I am feeling the need for a good cleansing of my system as I get back on track after the dr. cleared me to exercise after the broken bone- that is not healing fast at all due to meds.

And stepping on the scale even after having some holiday goodies and not exercising for 12 weeks and seeing that the number is only 2-3 bigger than it was before is really Powerful. It means I have mastered my eating and can do it without thinking about it and make the right choices! Yay. Only 2 years to make that change.

Next up- exercise as power.

Jenn Wilks said...

Great post! I'm right there with you. Events have conspired against me (this year, it's been even more than just, "it's Christmas and so I give myself permission to pig out") and I've gained all the way back up to my highest pre-preg weight. So, I'm back to trying to give my body what it wants and taking my power back.

I'll write my own blog post soon, I just wanted to comment here to say good job and good luck!!