Monday, May 16, 2011

So. . .I Sold the Bike.

I had all these grand plans of exercising and then. . .nope. Didn't happen. After having my other kids I had to lay off the exercising because every time I didn't I lost my milk. This baby doesn't know what a bottle is and refuses to become familiar with one. I don't really have much of a choice here and I don't want to risk losing my milk when he isn't ready to be off.

So, I sold the recumbent stationary bike. I wasn't using it and I wouldn't be using it until after we move from here and I really don't want to take it with us (I'd rather have an upright bike anyway).

However, I have joined a Biggest Loser contest with some girls in my ward and now that I have $20 on the line and there's a competition going, I'm going to try harder to eat better (stop when I'm not hungry, not when I'm bursting) and get more regular exercise like walking and pilates.

I"m really excited about this and hope that it works out. We'll see how it goes!