Monday, May 2, 2011

Um ... Hi

So, it occurs to me that since I started this blog, I should probably post something, huh? I'm glad to see Brent's posts resuming - he's really inspiring with how he's taking this thing by the horns and wrassling it into submission. Every one of you inspire me with your successes and I commiserate when you have a day that didn't go how you'd hoped. I'm still here, even if I'm very, very quiet right now.

My thing is that I'm having issues with my body right now. After wondering just what was up with my back, I had some x-rays done. I've always known I have scoliosis - that was diagnosed when I was ten. But now I know to what extent I have it (quite a lot) and some other problems I have (I'm just a very interesting medical case). It really explains a lot, like why my ribs keep popping out of alignment, etc.

I've done, and loved, the Game On! diet, as I've mentioned here, but also as I've mentioned here, it's almost impossible for me to keep up with any healthy routine when my life gets busy. I can't concentrate on multiple things at a time anymore - I'm still blaming the concussion, but who knows who long I'll get away with that excuse. So as my author services business picked up, my healthy habits went by the wayside, and I'm weighing pretty much the same right now as I did a year ago. I did back down from that ghastly weight number we once talked about - the one I'm determined never to see - but I'm nowhere near close to the goals I had set for myself.

However, I'm soon going to be following Sabine's example and going primal. It's actually pretty coincidental that she's doing it - my son's doctor is doing some allergy testing, etc, on him and has limited his diet for the time being, and I'm going to join him next week. I'm away from the house Thursday, Friday, and Saturday (LDStorymakers Writers Conference) and I will have no control over my eating, so come Monday, I'm hitting the diet with my son, help him feel a little less alone. And hopefully, I'll drop some awesome weight too.

And that's all for now ... you guys are awesome, you're inspirational, and I appreciate you.


Sabine Berlin said...

Yeah Tristi! You can do it! It isn't as hard as it sounds, even to eat out. Today I was gone most the day and went to KFC for lunch got a piece of grilled chicken and a side of green beans. Most places have grilled chicken salads. And for snacks I always make sure I have nuts with me, or take an apple or cheese stick. I have been cooking primal for three months now (since my hubby started in February, and though he doesn't want me to blog about it let's just say his success is very inspiring to me.) Once you get going on it it is really simple. If you need any ideas I have both the Primal and the Paleo cookbooks.

Jenn Wilks said...

Go Tristi! I'll be cheering you on. :-D

OUR CLAN said...

Another book and "diet" that works is lean and free 2000 plus, by Dana Thornock. You can get it on the internet.

Good luck. I have wanted to do something about it for awhile, but just don't seem to quite ever get there!