Thursday, June 3, 2010

Still Wondering

I'm still wondering if I'd recommend the HCG diet. My weight has been between 182-185 since I've gone off. It's been up and down . . . yesterday I was at 183.6, today 184.4. So it's hard to tell. I'm hoping that I'll start losing again--I haven't gone crazy with food, but I also haven't followed hardcore the HCG diet restrictions for the maintenance period. Soo I might not be the best person to listen to.

Still--I'm doing pretty okay. Today at school was the carnival and I worked in the concessions--popcorn, candy bars, chips, snow cones, cotton candy . . . I could have had any of it that I wanted, but I didn't. I resisted.

I did have one piece of pizza for lunch, but after standing on my feet all day (and lifting a lot of boxes of soda pop!) I felt like that was okay! And now I've had my 'after-school' snack. I'm also going to taekwondo tonight, so I'm actually doing very well on calories today. I might even be a little low.

So far I'm doing okay. I'm not thrilled that my weight has been so up and down, instead of steady and consistently staying at around 182, but oh well. I'm really hoping that in about a month I'll be able to lose around a pound a week. It might take going to a doctor and making sure that my metabolism is okay, and seeing if I'm maybe going TOO low in calories (hee hee wouldn't that be nice?). . . but I'm going to do what I need to do to lose the rest of this weight. At LEAST twenty more pounds.

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