Sunday, April 17, 2011

Going Primal

Okay so it has been awhile. What with school, soccer, homework, housework, when is a girl supposed to lose any weight? I realized just how bad it had gotten when I stepped on the scale the morning of my 35th birthday to see it top off at 199. I knew right then I was never going to let it see that 200 mark. EVER! So I did what I felt I could do at the time. I cut back to three cokes a week instead of everyday. I tried walking a bit more when I could. I stopped having after dinner snacks. And it worked--a bit. I went from 199 at the first of Feb to 191 at the first of April. Not terrible, but I felt like it was a half hearted effort. Especially when my husband at lost 29 pounds in those same two months by going Primal.
I was skeptical at first. I got the whole no sugar thing, I really did. But no grains? No starch? No beans? What was up with that? Well I promised to give it a month. And here I am on day 17, and I can't tell you how much I've lost (another one of my husbands rules for me I have to give it a month before I weigh myself) but I can tell you, my energy levels have rapidly increased. I've gotten several comments from people that I am looking better, I feel better, and a couple of days ago I wore a shirt that hasn't been out of my closet in months because the arms were too tight, and there was room to spare!
So I guess finishing out the month being primal won't be so bad. It may be the lifestyle change I was looking for. Its not that hard, it requires a little planning, but I have not gone hungry once, which is good. Plus since most fast food places don't have a ton of options for me, I am saving some money as well.
On May 1st I'll stop on that scale and see what it tells me. Until then. I'm Primal!

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