Thursday, April 14, 2011

My body seems to appreciate it

Survived the concession counter at the movies last night. The lady behind the glass case looked quite surprised when I said I didn’t need any treats. I guess some of us look more prone to popcorn and drinks than others.
As a side note, the movie was good, but felt strangely foreign. I guess that’s because it was. Not an American actor or location in the whole thing.
So far I’ve been eating smart today. I arranged my schedule to eat my best meal of the day for lunch rather than diner. I did the same thing yesterday and my body seems to appreciate it. I sleep better on an empty stomach and I wake up feeling more refreshed.
In a few minutes I’m headed for a walk. It will be nice once the weather breaks so I can exercise when I want, and not when the wind and rain dictates.
My next big weigh-in will be on Monday and I feel pretty good about hitting a double digit number. Time will tell.
Until tomorrow…keep up the fight.


Stephanie said...

I really enjoyed reading your posts! Keep it up and please stop by my blog!

Brent Boswell said...

Thanks for the comment. I'll keep posting. I usually post on my blog, A quest for a better, healthier life. Also, I just befriended you on Fackbook. Hope to see you there, too. :)