Sunday, April 4, 2010

Here a Salad, There a Salad, Everywhere a Salad Salad ...

So far the salad thing is going great. I wasn't able to have a salad for dinner last night - I was out doing a book signing and we ate on the very fast run - but I know this is something I can do most days on a regular basis.

Saturday Lunch Salad -

Dole Greener Selection bagged salad mix (I really like the blends that contain different types of lettuce and also carrots and red cabbage)

four small slices of Swiss cheese

about 2 T. croutons



1 T. Kraft honey dijon fat-free dressing

This, I would consider more of a snack salad. The protein content was a little light, with that small amount of cheese, but I did well with it until late in the afternoon.

I had a salad for lunch today, a standard issue, and then for dinner, I did the following:

Dole Greener Selection lettuce

turkey (not lunch meat - real, baked turkey)

slivered almonds

pepper jack cheese (not a lot, just enough for zing)



I ate a roll alongside this, and it was a nice dinner salad. The turkey, cheese, and almonds gave it enough protien to tide me over.

Kraft's fat-free dressings are pretty good, and they come in around 3 g. sugar per serving. I find that if I don't want dressing, I can throw in some extra tomato, and that gives it moisture without fat/sugar.

See ya later ... but I'm feeling pretty good about this salad thing so far.


Kellie said...

Tristi, I'm very impressed. I'm sorry about the car accident and I'm glad you and Candace are mostly ok. I think the salad thing is great inspiration. I love salads, too. I always think at the grocery store that I should buy salad stuff, and then I don't because I'd be the only one eating it.

Anna said...

Way to go.

I have no idea what calories/fat (from butter) croutons have, but have you ever made homemade croutons? Easy and you get to control how much butter and what seasonings you want on them.

And I've noticed that homemade ones are still crunchy, but not as hard as the store bought ones. At least the way I cook them.