Friday, April 30, 2010

You Look Mahvelous!

Hey everyone,

It was so awesome to see you at the conference! And you all looked great. Brent, you are smokin'!! Lu Ann, I'm so proud of you! Melissa, way to go! Each of you were bright and twinkly and it was great to see you.

I, on the other hand ... twinkle not.

A couple of you said I looked thinner, but I do believe that was a trick of light - I chose my clothes specially to be slimming. I haven't lost anything. In fact, I'm afraid, just the opposite.

These muscles in my side are not healing very well at all. I tried to live my life normally at the conference and I was in a serious world of hurt when I got home. I was having sharp, shooting pains through my rib cage, and all kinds of delightful other things that I won't bore you with.

But ...

I am still keeping up with the nice big salads, and I'm going to try Lu Ann's awesome sugar plan. After checking out her new physique at the conference, I'd be a big blind bat if I didn't see it was working and how great she looks. I'm going grocery shopping tomorrow and will buy foods to support that change.

In the meantime, I'm so proud of each of you. Keep it up, and maybe by next conference, I'll be lookin' smokin' right along with the rest of you!

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Shanna Blythe said...

Stevia is a good choice if you want to add sweeteners to things like fruit or cereal . . .

I don't think I can ever cut out sugar. I just love it TOO much. I've gone without sugar on this diet and it is driving me crazy. I always read how people go without processed sugars and after a little while they don't even want it anymore. YEAH. Not so with me.

I think I'm an addict.

BUT, I do plan on using Stevia whenever I can and also reducing the amount of chocolate I may eat in one serving. You know, actually stick to the serving sizes, like 1/2 cup of ice cream or whatever.

Good luck Tristi. I'm sorry things aren't healing up.