Friday, November 13, 2009

Remember Me?

Wow, I haven't posted in a while. My life has been crazy. I thought after my son's wedding everything would calm down. Wrong-o. After the wedding and the open house and lots of visitors, I had to catch up with homeschooling and laundry and getting organized with my YW calling and doing Halloween (I was divine as Winifred Sanderson from "Hocus Pocus") and there was one other thing, oh yeah, my work-in-progress. Yeah, that thing. Not having it done when I'd planned (September 1) has really thrown me for a loop and even made me question writing at all (after all, if I were really a writer I'd have it all done, right?).

As far as my dieting, I haven't gained any weight nor have I lost any. I still want to lose 6-10 more lbs. I am convinced that exercising alone does not help me lose weight. I have to control what I eat. I'm still doing South Beach, but I've modified it in that I don't do the sugar-free ice cream bars anymore because I'm thinking the sweeteners just aren't that good for me. I've been eating Special-K with strawberries or bran flakes with a sliced banana for breakfast, a salad and celery with natural peanut butter for lunch, and then chicken or fish or beans or lean meat or whatever I fix for the family for dinner if it's not too far off the SB recommendations. I also try to drink almost a gallon of water every day.

I'm thrilled I haven't gained back what I lost, but I still need to lose more weight. It's a little harder now because I'm able to fit into clothes I haven't worn for a long, long time (my kids tell me they're all out of style now but I don't care because it's been such a feat to fit back into them) and since I can fit into them I'm not as motivated to lose more weight even though I need to.

So I'm not doing great, as in I'm not taking more weight off, but I'm not doing terrible, as in I haven't gained it back. I need to get back on track. I did exercise 3 times this week for 45 minutes each time. That felt good.

And my work-in-progress? I'm deep into revisions and still hope to finish it soon. It's a very important book to me so I want it to be perfect--yeah, I know that's not realistic, but it doesn't stop me from wanting it to be.

Lose 6-10 more lbs.
Exercise 4-5 times per week for 45 minutes
Finish my work-in-progress


Jenn Wilks said...

Just keep on pluggin' away! DH and I have been talking about how exercise alone can't do it, but it's harder to change the eating habits than it is the exercise ones. You're doing great, though! Good luck with everything. :o)

Rebecca Talley said...

Thank you!