Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Happy dance time

I just came home from the doctor's office. Good things are going on here.
Blood Pressure- down. He has me on 1/2 of the lowest possible medication and I am still going down. Soon I will be off!!
Weight- down 6 lbs in 4 weeks!! He said good job, keep it up, and we set a goal for 30 more pounds. I would like 60, but have to be realistic here.

I have continued hiking 3 times a week and it has gotten easier every day. My daughter started taking the GPS with us to track distance and time. We found out that the hike to the water fall is 1/2 mile. The GPS tracks moving time and stopped (resting) time. When we first started taking the GPS we were taking 13 minutes moving time to get to the falls with 13 minutes stopped.  Friday she and I made it to the falls with only 5 minutes stopped and 8 minutes moving!! And then we hiked another 3/10 mile above the falls.

My goal is still to make to the falls with less than 60 seconds stopped time.

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