Thursday, July 29, 2010

It was like having a lemon ripped from my chest!

No, really it was. I know I have been a major slacker. I am not proud to say that I have no weight loss to report over the last few months, especially since I started the year with a bang. But I just started not feeling good, and got so tired all the time, and was having trouble sleeping. And so when I first started to notice my chest getting a little flabby, I just got depressed and thought "I am fatter than ever." Luckily I didn't hold that belief for long, especially when the area just below my bra line started to ache all the time, and I went to the doctor.
Turns out I had a tumor the size of a lemon that had been growing more inside than out (hence how it got so big I didn't notice) and it had been pushing against my lungs (hence the lack of oxygen that effected pretty much everything). So it is now out and luckily benign and I can really say it has taken a weight off my chest!
So I guess that means I am back. With no more excuses I need to start eating right, working out, and avoiding all those things I know are bad for me. One of those is to cut down on Coke since I really got re-addicted because I was using it to help me get through the days. I am not going to lie and say I will never drink it again, but I am going to try to go down to a couple times a week instead of daily and go from there.
I will check in next week hopefully a pound or two lighter and feeling better, both physically and emotionally.


Nicole MacDonald said...

YIKES!! Glad to hear it was benign. And you really do want to cut out the cruddy coke. Sugar addictions are hard to fight and the only way I manage is by avoiding it all....otherwise I binge

Tristi Pinkston said...

Holy mackerel! That's kinda freaky. I'm so glad it wasn't anything serious, and I'm glad that it will help with the lack of being able to breathe.

Jenn Wilks said...

So scary!! I wish you all the best in your recovery. {{{{HUGS}}}}