Wednesday, July 7, 2010


If I were Irish, I would say, "Saints be praised!" and then probably something in Gaelic. But I'm not Irish. I think I have one Irish person in my whole line. I'm Welsh, British, and Norwegian, and I'm not sure what they would say. So I'll just leave it at "hooray" and maybe a "yeehaw."

I have left the land of the 290's.

That's right - as of this morning, I am 287.5. Phew!

The Land of the 290's is a terrible place to be. All the plants are dead, it's too hot, and it's dreary. You might pass someone on the path, but no one ever says hello. It's a miserable place ... oh, and there's piped-in piano music a la Floyd Cramer.

I am so glad to be back in the 280's. It's not an amusement park, but there is some color to the sky and the animals don't bite as much.

I remember passing through the Land of the 270's. They sort of whizzed past - I wasn't there very long. I'd like to return, get the lay of the land, maybe buy some postcards. That's next on my travel itinerary.

But I'm never, ever, ever going back to the 290's. Ever.

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Sandra said...

Hooray, Hooray, Hooray!!!
Doing a happy dance for you.
(and I like Floyd Cramer, but I am not going to the Land of the 290s to listen. I'll just plug in my iPod thank you very much)