Wednesday, December 30, 2009

It's All a Conspiracy ...

Have you ever had one of those days ... er, weeks ... or months ... or, let's face it. Lives where it seems like everything's out to get you?

Yeah. That would be how I'm feeling right now.

I've struggled to find a way to exercise that doesn't hurt my feet. I've told you the feet story, haven't I? It's pretty pathetic. Anyway, so I happened upon the Wii Fit. Love the Wii Fit. Plan on getting the upgrade soon. I've mastered the Advanced Step for aerobics and I'm a Yoga Master, so I'm ready for more challenges. The Wii is my friend. I love the Wii.

My husband vacuumed the Wii sensor bar cable and broke it.

Yeah. That was fun.

However, I did find a replacement online. It was $14.95, which is pretty good, with free shipping, which is excellent, and is wireless. Priceless.

We're now waiting for it to arrive, and we'll see if it works. That's always the challenge ... will it work.

Keep your fingers crossed for a resurrection of our Wii ...


Marta O. Smith said...

Wow, you have a husband who uses a vacuum!

We got the Wii Fit Plus upgrade for Christmas and it's a lot of fun. Good luck with that sensor bar.

Rebecca Talley said...

We have the Wii Fit. My girls are doing it, I haven't tried it yet.