Thursday, December 17, 2009

I've Committed Myself

Not to the loony bin. Yet.

I committed to run a triathlon in May. I even bet money on the fact that I can finish. The entrance fee is actually kind of beastly. But you do get a shirt and chocolate and stuff at the end. I wanted something that could scare me into exercising and dieting again. And the thought of myself collapsing on the ground in a heap halfway through the race is pretty scary. :-D

So, now, I have to do it. At least it's only sprint-distance. (ONLY! HA!) And it's at the /end/ of May. I have a whole 5 months to go from "I'm a lazy, fat slob" to "I'm in the best shape of my life!"

Yeah. I wouldn't bet on me winning any prizes, either, if I were you.

Here's the thing, though. I KNOW I can do it. I /KNOW/ I can! I've gotten in pretty good triathlete shape before. Less than a year ago. I couldn't have done very well on time, but I could have finished. Probably. :-P

And one nice thing about the race I'm doing is that everyone starts at different times and you all get a timing chip. So when you're plodding along and there are people way in front of you, it doesn't matter. Because for all the crowd knows, they started way before you. Except for the fact that they're going 3 times your speed. But, still . . . :-D

Now, I promised Tristi I'd blog about successful dieting throughout the holidays. But I wanted to get on track first before I wrote the blog. And since that never happened, well, you know. But here it is in a nutshell:

I did BFL throughout the month of December last year. I started on December 8th. Everyone said, "Why not just wait until Christmas is over and start in January?"

Here's why: I was motivated RIGHT THEN! Why wait a month? My willpower has the attention span of a humming bird. I have to catch it while it's paying attention!

Also, I figured I'd weigh less at the end of December if I was at least TRYING to diet and exercise than if I wasn't. Right?? Apparently, the answer is YES because I ACTUALLY LOST 8 POUNDS BETWEEN DECEMBER 8TH AND DECEMBER 31ST LAST YEAR!!! And that was even counting the fact that I took 8 free days in a row right around Christmas time.

So, people, you don't have to pig out and let yourself go just because it's Christmas. And you don't have to give up and eat chocolate every night just because I am! :o) Give it a go. Try to do something to improve yourself today. Anything. Any little thing. Really. :o)


Josi said...

I saw this in your status update the other day and I'm intrigued. Could you send me the link? I was going to do the winter circuit runs up here in northern Utah, but the last one is during LDStorymakers; it's not worth the price if I miss the pinnacle run. Would love more info.

Kimberly Job said...

You amaze me. Make sure you share the journey. You never know when I'll get inspired. :)

Tristi said...

Actually, you don't really need to blog about successful dieting ... you can blog about any ol' thing you want. We love hearing from you regardless of what you have to say.