Thursday, December 3, 2009

Phooey! (and Happy Holidays!)

I'm up 1 pound again this week. I know 1 pound is not the end of the world. But if I'm going back up, I have to get rid of the same stupid weight AGAIN, and it will take me longer to reach my goal. Time to buckle down again.

On a happier note, once again I have turned my regular blog (here) into a musical advent calendar. This is my Christmas card to family and friends, and it's absolutely calorie free, so I hope you like it.

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Sunny said...

I know the feeling. I finally lost the first 20 pounds and two days later stepped on the scale to find 6 pounds back. How does that happen? I didn't even indulge for Thanksgiving! And now I have to take them all off again. Grr!! Good luck with it. At least its only one pound for you.