Friday, December 18, 2009


I'm weak. Weaker than I ever thought I was. I eat and eat and eat. And not good things either. Junk. Just junk. If breakfast doesn't start off healthy then I apparently let the rest of the day's food go to waste (waist) as well.

I also haven't been exercising. I set up an exercise group with some girls from Church. Only one comes. I had six girls tell me they were really interested and wanted to come. Only one comes. And now that it's Christmas time and we have trees up, she has decided it's not a good time to exercise because kids might touch the trees. What?

My kids know not to touch our Christmas tree, they aren't going to go up to hers and start pulling off all her ornaments. If she's worried about my tree, she shouldn't be.

So now that I have no one to exercise with, I'm not.

I had a girl offer me her gym membership and I told her I'd buy it off her. She has yet to contact the gym. I've reminded her twice. Still nothing. Maybe when she gets next month's bill she'll think to call. I think the gym has a daycare, so I could drop my kids off and not be governed by my husband's school schedule, only the kids' school schedules. That would be nice. If she'd just sell me the dang membership!


Tristi said...

Maybe your friend is scared of Christmas trees and she's using children as her excuse. Take her on a drive in the woods and see if she freaks out whenever you pass a pine tree.

Jenn Wilks said...

Good luck Kellie! I feel your pain. This stuff can be so frustrating! I hope you get that gym membership worked out. What gym is it? I go to Gold's in AF. (Well, when I wasn't letting my gym membership rot in my pocket, I went to Gold's in AF.) LOL.

Shanna Blythe said...

Boy do I hear you. HEAR you.

Too bad you don't live near me. I have a friend who goes to the gym EVERYDAY and she does a spinning class at 5 AM. She keeps trying to convince me to get a membership and go with her. NO WAY. I don't do mornings. I just don't. She even told me she'd come into my house and drag me out of bed.

Yeah. Not going to happen . . . want to move near me??!! ;)

Anyway. You'll find a solution. Just be patient with yourself. These are about lifestyle changes too and those take time.

Kellie said...

Thanks y'all :o) The gym is Balley's which I had planned on buying a membership to a year ago, but was unimpressed with their staff. I found a new one in a nicer neighborhood that is only a little bit longer drive and closer to where another friend works. She's planning on getting a membership, too. Fingers crossed!