Friday, October 9, 2009

Hey guys

Hey guys. It's been a few days. Thought I'd check in. The weight is still melting away, but slowly. That's okay, as long as it leaves! =)

I'm down to 157, which makes me super happy! That makes 18 pounds in little over a month. I feel great and may do one more short stint in January to get down to where I want to be if I can't on my own by then. You can do a 40 day injection, or a 23 dayer. Either way, it's tough. It's hard to diet. It's hard not to cheat, but I've found on this diet, that you are more motivated not to cheat because you're putting out money.

My last injection is on the 15th, then I have to do three days of sticking to the diet, (because the hcg stays in your system for up to three days, and you'll gain weight if you don't.) then do a three week "no starch" diet. Although, I'll need to add plenty of healthy fat back in since my body is used to having so much in its system with the way the hcg works. It's fascinating. Anyway, that's where I am. Hope you all are doing well too. Hope to see you soon!


Kellie said...

Congrats Melissa! That is awesome that you've lost 18 pounds:)

Tristi Pinkston said...

I'd really like to hear how all that goes, Melissa. It's been really interesting, watching your journey.