Sunday, October 18, 2009

Making Good on My Promise

I'm here to make good on the promise I gave in my last post. I came back to make a more positive report. :-D

Tristi, I know, you're right. I should be reporting in regardless of doing well or not doing well. It's just hard when you have to keep posting that you're not doing well for weeks and months at a time! Ugh. I'll try to do better about that, though.

But, since I DO have a positive report, I'll go ahead and post it! :o)

I've started using an iPhone app I was using months ago that fell into disuse for a long time that tracks your food and exercise. It's a very handy tool and it calculates the calories you can eat each day and adjusts for the exercise you do, etc. It's called "Lose It" for any iPhone users who are interested in it.

Personally, I don't totally believe in the "calories-in, calories-out" mentality. I think it's helpful, but only part of the equation. HOWEVER, I eat way, /way/ better when I'm tracking my food, whether by calories or any other way, and this app makes it very easy to do.

So I've used it for the last two days, and I'm eating so much better. I also did a jog/walk combo on the treadmill yesterday, and took a bike ride with hubby today. I feel so good right now. I plan to go for a swim at the gym tomorrow, and then I'll have gotten in a whole triathlon. Kinda. :-P

Here's to a new week. :o)


Marta O. Smith said...

The I-phone sounds cool. I think they have an app for everything.

I agree. The accountability of tracking your eating makes such a huge difference, no matter what method you use. It takes the mindlessness out of eating.

Tristi Pinkston said...

Jen, if I only reported the positive stuff, you'd never hear from me. :)