Sunday, March 7, 2010

Curse You, you sweet little girl scouts! And your cookies too!

Do I really need to say more? I was doing good this week until my husband came home from his business trip with boxes of Thin Mints, Samoans, and Short Breads that he bought form the cute little girl scouts in front of the Walmart he stopped at while n Minnesota. There is something about Thin Mints that is damaging to my taste buds. Once I try one, I just can't seem to stop until they are all gone. So don't go changing my weight yet, because I bet I gained last weeks pound back and some! Oh well, they are gone now. I just hope I don't get any knocks on my door, and can steer clear of stores until the cookie season comes to a close!


Brent Boswell said...

One of those little devil girls brought my cookies over last night. So far, I have not opened them, but I can feel them looming over me, wearing me down. Its only a matter of time!!! :) Why can't they be more like the boy scouts and just post your American Flag a few times per year???

Sandra said...

I bought cookies, too. But I decided to use them as rewards for my kids. Do your chores- get one cookie. Reward for me too, mile on the treadmill, get one cookie.

And it works fine.

Until I decide to use a box for dessert yesterday and put them on the plate on the table. I did fine at dinner, it was after when the plate was still on the table waiting for my son- who attends the singles ward at a different time- and I sat down at the table to pay bills. with the plate sitting right in front of me. Taunting me. calling me.

and I caved.

But it was only a few cookies and not a full box.

And we still have 8 boxes of rewards, not within arms reach of my computer.

Anna said...

Freeze them. That's what I try to do with sweets. Makes it less accessible. If I get a chocolate bar from my husband, I will try to break it up and bag and freeze it. Then when I want some chocolate, I will try to only eat one or two pieces.

Of course, we all eat too much sometimes, but it helps me eat less of it when it is around.

Marta O. Smith said...

I LOVE Thin Mints! I wish the girl scouts had some sort of low-calorie, non-fat option, but it probably wouldn't taste as good. Maybe they could add a dieter's option - "Just give us a donation, and we will take our cookies to somebody else's house."