Sunday, March 7, 2010

I was an irresponsible dip-smack!

Nothing like good ol’ fast Sunday to help you recover from a belated birthday party at Texas Roadhouse. As a family, we went there last night to celebrate mine and two other birthdays. I was reminiscing as I ordered my meal how the old me once bellied up to the Road House menu and actually ordered and ½ rack appetizer, a full rack of ribs for my meal, and then added yet another ½ rack as a “kicker”. How insane is that? Our server came back from posting my order and informed us that the chef (who was a regional chef, not some local yokel) said I was the first in franchise history to place such an order. At the time, I wore the honor like a badge, but now…wow! I see that I was an irresponsible dip-smack for doing that to myself! Two massive racks of ribs, plus the two side dishes and several rolls...for ONE guy! And I was eating like that most every meal. That, my friends is how a man can blimp up to 371 lbs in a hurry. I was constantly eating like a fat beef being primed for slaughter in a Denver feedlot!

Now, the new me, still likes to celebrate with food once in a while and I certainly did last night, we all did…and it WAS fantastic grub. But can I say that as delicious as it all was, this morning I woke up with a grease-hangover that Hollywood might want to make a movie about. I felt so freaking sluggish after taking all that “garbage” into my body that I wondered why I didn’t exhibit at least some self control. But, in truth, I did exhibit self control when compared to the old me and that in and of itself is cause to celebrate.


Anna said...

It is hard to give up the "good" stuff at the restaurants.

I went out to eat the other day, and instead of getting a bunch of deep fried food, I went with the grilled chicken, corn, and onion rings. I couldn't help myself on the onion rings. I LOVE onion rings. But I was proud that I went healthier on all the rest of the meal.

Even a small win is a win. Like I've heard before, you want to make a lifestlye change, not a quick fix. So as long as we are improving, it's still heading the right direction.

berlinwritergirl said...

I gorged on my birthday as well and have been paying for that weakness all month. I hope you are much strong er than I am! I am getting back on the path, but I need to figure out what I am going to start rewarding myself with instead of food....Maybe books!

Marta O. Smith said...

Happy Birthday!