Wednesday, March 31, 2010

No Loss, No Gain

So, I've been staying pretty much steady minus a pound up or down. It could just be water weight changing that. Anyway, I did pretty good yesterday. I got stressed (stress eater here) from my 4 year old at the store who would not listen to a thing I asked her to do. She was quite energetic. So, I told her to pick a candy out and we spilt it. That I figured was better than just eating it all by myself.

I have a step counter that I've tried to use most days. One day I walked 7000+ steps. Not bad in my opinion. When the crazy weather makes up it's mind that it's Spring, I will be going on walks much more often.

I'm staying steady. I'm really hoping that this coming month is the month that I finally get up strength and willpower to do what I should be doing and NOT do what I shouldn't be doing.

My husband thought about making rice crispy's the other day and I said "Nope. You want rice crispy treats, buy a box and leave it in your car." If I can't have complete power over my cravings and snacking, I don't want it in the house.

Which reminds me, I bought some Doritos and Wheat Thins for myself. Just myself. I hid them in my craft stuff. I have done really well at just eating a few for a snack. I realized that sometimes when they are where everyone eats them, I tend to eat them like crazy. I know they will be gone soon, and I NEED to eat some if I want some. So hiding my own snacks, I take it easy, because I KNOW they will still be there if I only eat a few crackers or a small handful of chips. Crazy how our minds think sometimes.

Okay, this post is all over the place. But that's my update. Hopefully the next update I give I can be jumping for joy for losing a pound or two.

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Jenn Wilks said...

Sounds like you're making good progress! Keep it up! I'm glad you found something that's working for you for the little snacks. They're not so bad if you just eat a little here and a little there. For me, I eat them like crazy whether they're hidden away or not. So it's better to put them where everyone can get them so I don't eat them all myself! :-D