Thursday, March 4, 2010

Not quite going.

Well, I haven't actually gotten going on the weight loss yet. My mind is all for it, my body is not. Luckily I have 3 little ones and keep busy just enough to not gain weight. If I just took the extra time to eat a little less and exercise a little more, I know I'd see a change. Easier said than done though.

Still off caffeine - 7 weeks now. (Yay!) Hardly drinking any soda pop. My problem area is snacking in the evening. I think I'm just relieving all my stress and worry from throughout the day. I did ask my husband to nicely remind me that I am trying to lose weight if he sees me snacking too much. He did offer to make me popcorn last night as a snack.

I did put on some Happy Music today and have been dancing around with the kids some. I figure any movement is good movement. I'm really excited about the warmer weather coming. The other day when it was high 40's I took the girls out on a mile walk. It felt good to be outside moving.

Oh, and I decided to do monthly goals. Last two months was get off caffeine and most soda drinks. This month - no deep fried foods. I can pan fry in a little oil, but nothing deep fried. This will limit my fast food eating, which is good. If I really want something fast food, I will have to choose the grilled option. Or have a taco or something.

Okay, so that's my update. No weight loss, but no weight gain.


Sandra said...

Olive oil makes a great option for the pan fry.

berlinwritergirl said...

Good Luck with not snacking. I have just taken to not snacking at all. I have three meals a day and that is it. If I feel hungry inbetween I do water or a piece of cheese or Handful of nuts if it is light headed hunger need.