Monday, March 15, 2010

Weight Loss? What's That?

Okay so here I am checking in. Not much to tell you because first off I haven't done very much. I've been kicking along this past week being good sometimes, being a little bad sometimes, and my weight hasn't changed at all. I think that 176 was a fluke because the day before and the day after I was 178 and have not changed. The one good thing I have to report is I am now on day 15 of my push up challenge. My arms are starting to feel it. I keep getting worried that I will have to split my push ups in half, because each day I feel like the last one for that day is going to kill me, but then the next day comes and I am able to do just one more. Unfortunately that is the only exercise I have been regular at. I still do squats while brushing teeth and doing the dishes, and leg lifts while I am doing homework, but no cardio. I need to get started on that so I can be in good enough shape for when I go to Germany. I don't want to be hiking and huffing and puffing at the same time. 57 days to go, guess I better get started! So here is to another week. I have a New Moon Party to go to on Saturday so that will be my treat night. I think it is easier if I know which night I am going to want to cheat so that I can be especially good the rest of the nights in the week.

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Jenn Wilks said...

I know what you mean about treat night. It's definitely easier to resist if you know you're going to get to indulge sometime soon.

Awesome job on the push-up challenge! Are you doing those on your toes? Either way, 15 push-ups is awesome!