Monday, March 15, 2010

Its time I got rejuvenated but how do I do it?

It’s hard to understand what’s gotten into me these days, blog-wise. I’m not sure if my haphazard hiatus is due to the blog possibly losing its magic or if I am getting the feeling you all are board with my plight…so why write or if I’m just a natural-born slacker and have been casually blowing off something very important and inspirational for no good reason at all. As far as you all being board, why wouldn’t you be? Here I am supposed to be this great weight-loss champion and I’ve managed to lose only a pound or two over the last three or four weeks. Heck, if I were you, I’d be board out of my gourd over this thing. It needs a shot in the arm! I need a shot in the arm!
I did run today. That was good. I ate properly as well. Maybe I’m on my way again, maybe you’re still with me??? It seems my time and efforts these days are spread awfully thin between too many great projects. Perhaps I’ve got too many irons in the fire and in an effort to keep all of them glowing to a useful red-hot; I’m inadvertently rotating some of them into cooler places amongst the coals. The truth is, everything I am working on is important, but my quest for a better, healthier life needs to be among my first priorities. Without my health, I won’t be doing any of my other projects much good at all now would I?
How about those of you in the weight-loss trenches with me? Are you still on board? Have you too hit a plateau? Can we work together and motivate each other again like we did when the blog was new? Its time I got rejuvenated but how do I do it? Any advice?


Tristi Pinkston said...

Hey Brent,

Are you up for a challenge??

I haven't weighed myself for a bit because the batteries in the Wii went dead. I bought new ones tonight. I'm gonna weigh myself in the morning.

Now, see, here's the thing. You've been losing weight around 4 pounds a week, haven't you? Well, if I've gained back some, which I'm pretty sure I have, let's say I'm at 280, that means you've got just under twenty pounds on me, which means that in five weeks, you'll weigh less than me. Especially considering I too am in a rut and haven't lost anything for a long time.

Now, I want you to succeed, but I don't want you to weigh less than me. :) I want to shrink so you and I can both be skinny.

My challenge is this ...

You work on weighing less than me, and I'll work on weighing less than you.

Whaddya say? Is it on??

Anna said...

I'm definately in a rut too. My goal was to lose about 1 pound a week this year. That would make it so by the end of the year I was at my goal weight.

I haven't lost a pound. Well, I did lose one or two and gain them back.

BUT, looking on the bright side - I have quit drinking caffeine, slowed down my soda pop drinking from about 5-6 a week to maybe 1 a week. I am paying more attention to what I eat. I don't just eat fattening foods when I eat out. I consciously think about it and decide to eat better out. I get the grilled not deepfried. If I choose something deepfried, I think about what I've eaten that day and GIVE myself permission.

Basically, there are changes I've made. Before it was probably 4-5 things stopping me from losing weight. Now I'm at 1 or 2 things. Any change for the better is good. It's not a quick loss diet. It's a lifesytle change.

I think you are probably going the same way about it. You did a race, you lifted things you normally would have passed to the other guy. You choose better eating out than you would have in the past. You are making changes, even if it's not so much in the weight. Gotta start somewhere.

One of these days (hopefully sooner) all of us in the rut will get just enough push to send us on the downhill losing weight.

You can do it !!!!