Thursday, February 11, 2010

Go me

I'm feeling better about working this hard.

*I walked past the valentine chocolate in the office.
* I walked/ran 1 mile in 15 minutes on the treadmill.
*I made a wonderful celery soup. I'll post the recipe later, but it is soooo yummy and good for you to.
*Even though I felt that my numbers would be up if I weighed, the skirt I put on yesterday was loose. And I barely bought it at Christmas.

I haven't had enough water, though. Life at work has been crazy. I started my practicum class. That means I need to work in the counseling office. 100 hours working with the counselors and students. I also still need to do my job. A lot of what I do for my job will count toward my 100 hours, but there are some specific things I need to do to pass the class. And the principal added some duties.

Today I had to set up a seperate office for the other advocates and my self to share and set a schedule for who is going to use it when. It was one of those do a lot of stuff but get nothing done type of days. I hate those kind of days because I usually get sidetracked. And then I forget that I want to be healthy and give in.

I was craving something sweet. But I passed right by that bucket full of chocolate and when I got home I cut up a cucumber, sprinkled it with sea salt, added some cabbage and 2 carrots and took them with me to my daughter's soccer game. And I was fine.

But I did decide that the act of eating raw veggies is a lot of work.


Marta O. Smith said...

Passing up a bucket of chocolate and eating veggies instead is an act of "raw" courage. Gold star on your forehead, girl!

Tristi said...

It is work to eat raw veggies. They say that's part of why they're good for you - you burn calories while you chew them. :)