Monday, February 22, 2010

Great quotes

I get these weekly emails that I love about the hcg diet. They have great advice and really motivate me. Today, she sent this saying with the email and I had to share it.

"Fat people approach dieting like a hobby. Fit people approach dieting like a war." By Steve Siebold from his book, "Die fat or get tough."

Other quotes I liked were: "While fat people are struggling at every meal deciding whether or not to remain compliant, fit people waste no mental energy because the decision has already been made."

"Adopt the belief that 99% compliance is complete failure of your diet. It's like saying you're 99% faithful in your marriage. Only accept 100% compliance from yourself."

"Yo-you dieters are slaves to their emotions." He talks a great deal about how fit people eat and think. "And it takes 21 days to establish new habits," but what wonderful healthy eating habits you will have when you finish this diet. I have found for myself, that once I am on the diet a few weeks, it's like I'm on a roll. If I don't lose, I tweak what I am doing, figure it out and make changes."

He was talking about the hcg diet in that last paragraph. Anyway, these were great for me. Hope you liked them too.

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I just posted an interview on You Tube about Die Fat or Get Tough book;