Sunday, February 14, 2010

“jogging machine”

Sorry about missing my post on Saturday. I was in Tooele most of the day to see my nephew get his Eagle Scout Award. Very cool, but I also got home very late. I’ve not been getting much sleep these days as I’ve been working day and night on the final stages of getting my novel ready to submit. The good thing is, I’ve been a “jogging machine” these past few days. Maybe my stamina is improved as a result of all the extra calories I ate last week.

The big race is less than seven days away and I am feeling better and better about it with each passing day. So far, I’ve heard from a half-dozen of you who’ve committed to run it with me, but I am only aware of one who is registered for sure. Are the rest of you still in? I hope so! If you miss this one, there will be others, but at some point you’re going to have to commit and register so it will act as motivational tool for you. That’s the whole point of running these things. I would never have been pushing myself this hard without the commitment.


Melissa J. Cunningham said...

I think you're right. You have to commit to something to keep yourself on track.

Good luck with your race. I love to run. I have some foot irritation when I run, but am trying not to let it stop me.

Brent Boswell said...

I hate foot irritation! Why can't our bodies just shut up and reward us for trying to take better care of them? :) Keep at the running!