Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Nobody leaves Sin City totally guiltless!

Wow! What a crazy past couple of days! Like the rest of you, I’ve been running all over the place lately. I spent all day Monday over in Sanpete where numerous fatty temptations jumped out and tried to kill me. The worst ones reared their ugly head’s over breakfast. As a group, we went for breakfast at a greasy spoon joint in Mayfield, UT. Upon investigating the menu I learned that there were no healthy breakfast options (surprise-surprise!) so I improvised by ordering a green salad. That’s right…a green salad for breakfast. So there I am grazing away while everyone else is pounding an appetizer of extra-large scones slathered in honey butter. Their meals came and they looked and smelled awesome, but I stayed my course, and focused on the sliced avocado in my shrubbery. Then came the next temptation. Out of the blue, the waitress slams one of those enormous scones on the table in front of me, saying that the cook accidentally made an extra and wondered if I wanted it. I made a joke about the scone and everyone laughed at my being randomly temped. Then came, the next onslaught of enticement. The same waitress shows up a few minutes later wondering if we might like to try one of the chef’s special was on the house. This “thing” was freaking huge, I’m talking the size of a grown man’s cranium here…and with a gob of frosting the size of a mud-puddle. Well, we all laughed again at my being tempted but this time one of the ladies at my table was sensitive enough to move that roll away from me before I had a meltdown right then and there.
The next couple of days included an unexpected trip to Vegas. Pretty much a down-and-back deal but it gave me no time to make much of a blog entry. I had some great nutritional victories while on the road, but nobody leaves Sin City totally guiltless. I know that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but I will confess…there was ice-cream on the way home! (Gasp!)
Today, it was a quick trip to Orem and back and now it’s almost time for bed. Hope you’re all surviving these hectic days as well and I’ll catch you tomorrow.


Tristi Pinkston said...

Good for you for staying the course! I'm pretty sure I would have caved. I do enjoy both those items you were offered. :)

Brent Boswell said...

Not so fast with the I caved in!