Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Perfect Storm

My nose hurts. Lets me explain, and some of you may already know about this if you read my facebook posts. I passed out on Thursday morning. I'd created the perfect storm and with everything put together I did a timber flat on my face.

First, I'd made myself get a bit anemic. I'd quit eating beef, which you are supposed to have on the hcg diet, because there is hidden fat in beef and people say they tend to lose better if they don't eat it. Then, I'd quit eating the dark green leafy veggies that are high in iron because I hate all the sugar free/fat free dressings. Yuck. So I was taking in no iron. I was eating other veggies but who cares when you're not getting what you need?

Next, when the hcg has dissolved all your abnormal fat, it quits working. When the fat cell is dissolved, all the nutrients and vitamins are dumped into your system. I think I'm at the end of my abnormal fat and so I wasn't getting anything there. Then, I had just taken a nice hot bath, so all my capillaries were nice and dilated. I was reading Tristi Pinkston's book, Agent in old Lace, so some of this could be laid at her feet too! =)

My husband had just gone out to feed the animals and Wyatt was in the next room watching cartoons. He'd turned the tv up really loud so I decided to hop out, run in the family room, turn it down, then get back in the tub. When I got out, I started to feel very dizzy, very woozy. Next thing I knew, I was moaning, peeling my naked self off the family room floor. Wyatt hadn't even looked at me. He was still watching cartoons.

I'd bruised my hip really bad, gave my face some good road rash and my nose was killing me. The kicker here? I was still holding Tristi's book! I'd never let go.

Anyway, I can look back on it now and laugh...kind of. I've started taking my liquid iron again. (I've always been kind of anemic) and Bry bought me some liquid B complex. Both of those have really helped me feel better. I'm super exhausted still, but I am not going to continue with the shots. Like I said, I think my abnormal fat is gone. Now I just need to tone up and get in shape. I do need to continue watching what I eat so I don't gain any weight back, but I've developed some really great habits on this diet so it shouldn't be too hard.

I don't want to discourage or scare anyone from doing the hcg diet. I've loved it, but you do need to be smart. Don't cut out your vitamins, don't quit eating healthy food just because it doesn't taste as good, (and people, believe me, it doesn't taste as good) and when you know you're close to being out of bad fat, really watch your "tired" level. You don't want to deplete yourself like I did.

And just to brag for a moment . . . I'm stopping at 143.4. Perfect for me! I am so happy and I look fine! LOL Thank you all for your concern and support. I sure love you guys and can't wait to see you at the conference. XOXOXOX


Marta O. Smith said...

I think you should eat a little bit of very lean beef. Just to be safe.

That is too funny that you were still holding on to Tristi's book. I had a hard time putting it down, too. Maybe Tristi could incorporate your story into her marketing.

hi, it's me! melissa c said...

Oh, I have. Actually I eat elk. It's very low fat and tastes just as good.

Tristi said...

I am laughing my head off ... not that you fainted, but that you were holding on to my book. Can I tell people that story? I'll leave out the whole naked part ... :)

You know what I do when I don't want to use salad dressing - I throw in a whole bunch of extra tomatoes. That makes the salad wet without the fat/sugar/calories.

I'm glad you're feeling better now ... be sure to take care of yourself!