Monday, September 28, 2009

3 REAL workouts in 3 days

I know that every little bit helps and just moving your body, going on a walk, or whatev is a great thing. But I always feel so proud of myself when I do a workout that's challenging. On Friday, I ran, and then on Saturday and Sunday, hubby and I went on bike rides. I did about 9 1/2 miles on each of those two days.

The bad thing is that in the last 3 days, I've gained weight. I had stayed pretty steady, but now all the sudden I work out and I gain. Waaah! I'm pretty sure it has to do with water retention, or that I'm building muscle, or /somethin'/. Yes??

I'm going to keep at it, though. I didn't get it in yet, but I'm going to do a weight workout today. I'm just trying to decide if I want to go to the gym or work out at home. I have all the stuff I need, and even though they have free babysitting, it's just a pain to go over there still. And I need my kids to do some serious homework tonight. They do have one machine I really need that I don't have here - the assisted pull-up machine. Love. It. Maybe I'll just do a leg workout here today, and then go to the gym tomorrow and do upper body and stuff then . . .

Decisions, decisions. :o)

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Melissa J. Cunningham said...

It's probably muscle and old age! It's almost impossible to lose. I hate that! Research the HCG diet. You'd love it.