Monday, September 7, 2009

Weighing in

Scale today= 177.8 for a loss of another 0.6 oz.

Food consumption last weeks was good- I think I pretty much have that one down. It is easier when I am home all day than when I have to go to work because of the hours. I get up at 5 and am work by 7:30. Lunch has to be by 11:30 and then home by 3, then all the kid stuff and schedules and my work. That means I have to eat breakfast by 6 in order to be dressed and at work on time. I hate eating that soon after gettting up. I would prefer another hour, but it is what it is.

Exercise on the other hand, not so good. Again, no time in the morning because if I exercise for 30 minutes then hit the shower, there is no time for breakfast. And no time for the kids to use the shower before we have to leave. These past 2 weeks, after work have been spent running from one thing to another getting all the going back to school and a routine things done.

But now stuff has been bought, marching band is in session, soccer has a set schedule and piano lessons have started. I should be able to make myself a schedule so that I am sure to be on the treadmill after work.

I have a big issue with how I look when I leave the house. I never wear sweats, pajama pants, sloppy clothes. When I was a little girl we always changed to go to town if we were wearing shorts or cleaning clothes. So that has been an issue for me. I hate changing to exercise clothes just to change again to go run errands or whatever. I keep telling myself that no one is going to care if I pick my daughter up from soccer in my exercise clothes. Right?

Thing to work on this week-
* actually exercising
* picking up child even if I am in exercise clothes
(* look into the soccer carpool)


Tristi Pinkston said...

I think it's good that you have a higher ideal for leaving the house ... I wish more people did. I've seen holey pajamas and way too-short shorts and it makes me wonder if people even look at themselves before they walk out the door!

On the other hand, Sandra, you always look cute. I bet you look very cute in your exercise clothes, and if it means you've been taking care of yourself, by all means, go get her in your exercise clothes!

Rebecca Talley said...

I try not to go out of the house all messy, but I've been known to pick up kids in my paint clothes or sweats--usually because I'm running late.

Marta O. Smith said...

You need some cute exercise clothes, like some stylish yoga pants and a T-shirt in a flattering color.

Sandra said...

Oh, I have cute exercise clothes, I used to be a dancer and would not be caught dead in uncute exercise clothes. (Just kidding). It is just the whole drilled into my head thing about how ladies don't leave their house looking like they just crawled out of bed/finished exercising/were cleaning house...

I don't even carry a comb in my purse and will not put lip gloss on unless I excuse myself to the ladies room because "a lady gets dressed before she leaves home". All drummed into my head as a girl.