Sunday, September 20, 2009

Tristi's Challenge and My Goals

Okay. So ironically enough I've lost weight this week, but I haven't exercised as much. I started coming down with a cold on Tuesday so I didn't go to taekwondo and my husband was on a business trip from Wednesday to Sunday so I had the car. Believe me--I did NOT bike when the car was so convenient!!

BUT, my weight is now at 202.4, which means I've lost 1.6 pounds this week. Which is really perfect. I want to be in the 1-2 pounds of weight loss a week.

I think that I may not be eating enough calories on the days that I'm exercising which may account for the non-weight loss last week--or maybe I gained some muscle.

So my goals?

1. Measure myself--not just worrying about pounds, but inches and start tracking my measurements every two weeks.

2. Increase my calorie intake on the days I exercise and increasing the frequency of eating. So I need to get some stuff to have a midmorning snack that I can eat in-between classes. Other than that I'm pretty good.

3. Control my weekend eating--and stay within the calorie range I've set out for myself.

4. Continue exercising.

I think those are pretty good goals for now!

Oh and I keep seeing advertisements for the whole acai berry and colon cleanse thing as a way to lose weight. I know that it is most likely not true, but man it is tempting to try--but WAY expensive. I think anyway. Their 'free' trial isn't a free trial at all. Anyway. Anyone out there trying that diet? I'd be really interested to see if someone trustworthy is trying that diet!

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Jenn Wilks said...

I know; I've seen that whole acai berry stuff, too. I don't know much about it, except for the raving testimonials on the internet, which basically mean nothing.

Great job on your weight loss! Keep up the good work!