Friday, September 25, 2009

Thanks to you all

Hey guys! It was SO great seeing you all yesterday! I loved every minute and thanks so much for making my day with all your compliments and praise. I really love you guys. I feel so blessed to have found you.

So, get this. I weighed myself before the conference yesterday and I was 163.4. This morning, I weighed 161.3! Woo Hoo! I could NOT believe it. I don't know if it was the stress of not sleeping the night before, or the green tea I'd had that morning, but I was surprised. I don't usually drink green tea. I don't love it, but that was the only thing I'd done differently.

Also, it was much easier sticking to the diet and not cheating with all of you knowing I was on the HCG diet. Normally, at conferences such as these, it's super hard to not cheat. And I'm especially triggered by smell, so let me tell you, it's hard! But your support helped me stay on track there and after. Thank you so much!

I've also decided to try green tea again today to see if it makes a difference in tomorrow's weight. Who knows? Maybe it will. It's VERY unusual to lose two pounds in one day like this, but I'll take it!


Shauna said...

Ooh sounds like you had a great time at your conference, glad you are doing so well!!

Tristi said...

It was great to see you too, and you look fabulous, I just have to say!

hi, it's me! melissa c said...

Thank you, my dear!