Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Good and the Bad

So here's this weeks result. My eating hasn't been terribly great but my exercise has been going fabulously. I walk 4 times a week. I strap my 23lb baby to my body. Put my 44lb boy in the stroller. Put LDS General Conference on my MP3 player and walk for an hour up and back down some pretty steep hills. By the time I am done I am exhausted but I really love it. My kids seem to like it too.

My only problems are these. I am not losing weight and I feel guilty taking one whole hour to myself. Sam seems to be o.k. with it although towards the end he gets really bored. Max loves it but he is 8 months old and loves to just be out in the world. I know that if I want to lose weight I will have to make even bigger changes in my eating but temptation is currently too hard to fight.

Here's hoping next week will be better on the eating front.


Kellie said...

Congratulations on walking those steep hills. I avoid those:) I think the exercise is the most important part of losing weight, although I haven't been a great example of it lately.

Marta O. Smith said...

What a workout! Makes me tired just reading your post. Keep that up and you'll be seeing the results soon.

Tristi Pinkston said...

Erin, if your health declines, it's going to take a whole lot more than an hour to get it back on track! Think of this as an insurance policy.

I know what you mean, though - I feel guilty too. I mean, we're moms. Our focus should be on our kids. But don't we want our kids to have the best moms in the world? We can't give that to them if we don't feel good about ourselves, or don't have the energy to take care of them.