Monday, September 14, 2009

Not great news.

Today's report isn't too fabulous but it's my own dang fault. On the HCG diet, you can't cheat or you just won't lose weight.

Well, it was Peach Days this last weekend and then we had a family party on Sunday and, well, you know the rest. I did pretty good most of the time, but how do people have the will power to say NO?

Bry took me to a movie on Friday night and as soon as I walked in the theater, CABAM! the overwhelming smell of popcorn knocked me down and let me just say, I LOVE popcorn. I can't NOT eat popcorn at the movies. We did get it unbuttered and I only had a bit, but it was still cheating.

So, the results are this . . . I lost only 2 lbs (and remember, you lose about a pound a day on this diet) and the place where I lost the most inches was my boobs! ARGGG!

So this week I am vowing to have a will of steel! I bought a George Foreman grill too. It's so dang fast and the food tastes great with it! Hopefully that will help! lol

Anyway, off to a new week!


Erin said...

2 lbs is still a loss so Congratulations! Next week will be even better.

Cris said...

Hi Melissa! I'm starting on the HCG diet tomorrow. I'm thrilled to find someone else who's blogging about their progress on HCG. I'll be sure to subscribe and see how you're doing!