Wednesday, September 16, 2009


All this time I've been supposedly trying to lose weight since the debut of this site, I've maintained my weight, and at one point was even down a pound. But I weighed myself this morning and I've gained. :o( I wasn't surprised, though, because when I looked in the mirror last night, I was shocked at how big I looked. Ugh! One of these days I'm gonna get fed up and really change some things.

My nice scale that does body fat and other stuff is broken, but it consistently only weighs about a pound off from the other scale, so I'm pretty sure the gain is real and not just because I'm using a different scale.

So I went online and bought a new scale off of Amazon. If you anyone is in the market for a scale that is total whiz-bang and has mostly good reviews, the one I bought is on a major sale. It's the Omron Full Body Sensor Body Fat and Body Composition Monitor In addition to weight and body fat, this thing does a bunch of other readings like resting metabolism, BMI, skeletal muscle %, etc. It's $75, but that's $35 less than MSRP, and you can get free super saver shipping. I'm just sayin'. :o)

So, I'm off to do a workout. Wish me luck. :-P


Tristi said...

Wow! Will the scale do the dishes, too? :) Sounds like an awesome piece of machinery.

Jim Purdy said...

I buy tons of stuff from Amazon, especially books, nonperishable foods and household supplies. It's really convenient. Best wishes to you.