Thursday, September 10, 2009

Balance Ball!

All right, so I did a 15-minute balance ball workout today. Huzzah!

And honestly, that is some difficult stuff. Especially the crunches. Trying to crunch while also trying to balance on the ball really got the abs good.

I also ate part of a peach this afternoon and ordered a side salad when I went out for dinner with DH tonight.

Not all of my choices were good, but DH and I split a chicken sandwich instead of a burger and I didn't eat as many fries as usual because of the salad. So, there you go.

I'll weigh in again one of these days. But for now, that's my update. I feel proud of myself for doing something good for myself today, even if I didn't do an amazing workout and stick to a super great diet without a single cheat. :o)


Sandra said...

Baby steps.


Slow and steady wins the race


I don't know, I am too tired to think of anymore right now. But good job. I was thinking of using my balance ball as my office chair, accidental work out while surfing ;)

Erin said...

Great Job!

Tristi said...

Fifteen minutes on the ball sounds like a pretty great workout to me. :)

Tristi said...
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