Thursday, September 3, 2009

Thursday ...

My weight has been bouncing around like a bunny on cocaine. Apparently sneezing makes me gain weight, or something, because I'm having days where I think I'm doing pretty good and ... nothin'. There must be a delay in the revelation of results, because it's all making no sense to me.

However, and this is the real reason I'm checking in, I'm starting to feel myself slim out a little in the ribcage. I attribute this entirely to the Wii Fit - I haven't done a whole lot about my eating (or rather, lack of eating until late in the day) and so I consider this whole Wii experiment to be a success. I look forward to the time I spend exercising because it's like a game and you can adjust your workout to whatever it is you feel you need that day. I haven't missed one day since we got it, and that's huge (no pun intended) for me.

So as far as exercise goes, I'm feeling really good about myself. I'm still drinking Coke (sorry) and I'm still forgetting to eat (sorry) ... I'm averaging about one meal a day right now. I know, I know ... that's no way to take care of myself. That will be my next priority.

I know I have some profile information to update and a tracker to change ... soon, I promise. Very soon.

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Shanna Blythe said...

Gaining muscle--so you probably are losing some weight, but you're replacing the fat with heavier muscle, hence--no weight loss, but probably the best way to start out in a weight loss diet plan. BUT YOU GOTTA EAT MORE!!!

And congrats. Keep up on the wii-fit.