Sunday, September 13, 2009

Tristi, Checking In

I haven't been around much this week - I got pretty sick on Tuesday night and I've been clawing myself up out of the abyss. I didn't weigh during that time because it would have showed a loss, and then I would have put it back on when I got well, and then that would be depressed me. And depression isn't what we're after. So, essentially my report is this:

1. I'm feeling much better. No, it wasn't the swine flu.

2. I didn't exercise much this week. I did on Monday and Tuesday, and then the Beast of Death chased me down, and I haven't since then. The Wii thinks I'm a lazy slacker.

3. The Smart Ones entrees seem to be helping. I'm eating a little more regularly, the meals are fairly well-balanced, and it's nice to have something on hand that I can pull out and eat within just a few minutes. I don't much care for the Beef Lo Mein, the Chicken Parmigana, or the Sesame Chicken, but the rest are all pretty good. I'm not saying I'd like to build a summer home here, but the view is quite lovely.

I've gone through and read all the posts that were put up since I dropped away - you guys are doing so awesome. Can I just say that? I'm encouraged by your success and motivated to keep up my end. (Okay, that could be taken literally, too - get my end up off my chair and exercise!!) Thank you all for sharing your experiences and being brave enough to put them on this blog. I know you're inspiring to me and you're inspiring to a lot of other people as well - keep up the good work.

And tomorrow, I'll keep up my good work, too. I laugh in the face of flu.

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