Monday, September 28, 2009

Hello hello!

For the last four days I've been on a plateau. Each morning I've weighed the same, so what they tell you to do is have an "apple day." You have to eat 6 medium sized apples throughout the day and have a four ounce steak for dinner. It get's you off your plateau, so I'm trying it.

I had my appoint today and my body is carrying a whole liter more of water in my cells then last week! Yeah! Finally! I've been so dehydrated. That sea salt really works! lol I also lost 2 inches around my upper waist and 2 inches around the lower part of my waist, and, an inch on my arms, but I didn't lose anywhere else really. But it's happening, slowly and surely. I wore a skirt to church yesterday that I haven't worn in the last couple of years. I looked so cute up there teaching gospel doctrine! lol

Anyway, off on another week. I sure miss pizza, and pop corn and all the yucky fattening food. Can't wait to have a bit when I'm through with this thing! lol Who knows though, they say after doing this diet completely, your tastes change a bit and those foods just don't taste good to you anymore. Let's hope!


Jenn Wilks said...

Good Luck!! And congrats on the skirt. I'm sure you looked amazing. :o)

Shanna Blythe said...

Don't you mean YUMMY fattening food?!!! ;)

It sounds like your diet is working so well. Keep it up!