Thursday, September 17, 2009

My month goals

So, it was too unrealistic for me to be able to continue excercising at 5 Every morning. Especially now that I am watching a friend's very infantilized child while she is moving and fixing up her house to move. I can't get anything done for 9 hours because her child cannot be put down. I don't know how her husband, who is the one at home with him, gets anything done.

However. I am recommitting to exercise for the rest of this month. I WILL go biking/swimming twice a week. I WILL do my exercise ball exercises once a week. I WILL use the Wii at least once a week. And as soon as I finish getting all my produce put up, I will go back on my diet. Stinks when you have fresh produce that you have always believed is super healthy but you just can't eat it on your diet. But I am canning, I canned peaches with splenda and have been drying herbs and freezing zucchini and will have produce later in the year when I don't have access to fresh produce any longer.

Good luck everyone!


Josi said...

I did peaches last week too--I did half regular, then took a deep breath and did some sugar free. Most of my canning 'experiments' have not worked out in the past, but I'm happy to report this one did. I ended up with 20 quarts of sugar free peaches and they taste great! I'll never can them with sugar again. Way to go.

Tristi said...

Can't be put down at all? Wow ...