Monday, January 25, 2010

First day

Today was my first day on the Cabbage Soup diet. I was worried about being hungry, being light headed from being hungry, wanting what the others in the office are eating. I wasn't worried about wanting cookies, cakes etc. because I spent last year weaning myself from sugar, but I still sometimes want something other than what I have.

Today I could have all the soup, fruit, juice and water that I wanted. And I did. And I wasn't hungry because every time I started to think I wanted to eat, I had an orange, or a glass of fresh juice, or a cup of herbal tea, or some water. Then I had peaches, applesauce, cucumbers and an orange for lunch. And a couple handfuls of popcorn the secretary sat in front of me before I remembered I wasn't going to have it today. Woops.

The soup was wonderful. The recipe makes a large pot full. The kids ate it and loved it and I still have a large bowl full in the fridge. I will divide it into my individual portion bowls and then just stick them in my lunch bag to take to work. I won't even have to think about what to take because it is already done. Yay!!

This is my new favorite beverage, especially with a bit of coconut milk added.

And what about these? Functional and cute.


hi, it's me! melissa c said...

Good luck! Diets are hard and sticking to them takes will power. It sounds like you've got what it takes.

Tristi Pinkston said...

Sandra, can you tell us just what you've done to make this cabbage soup taste so good? I'm trying to imagine cabbage soup becoming my favorite beverage, and I'm just not seein' it. :)

Shanna Blythe said...

I loved it too. And it's such a great filler. If you're really hungry you just have the soup and you're good to go.

What I need to do is get some small glass jars and freeze them and then stick them in the refrigerator so I always have it on hand to just heat up. Hmmm . . . I wonder where I put the recipe?

Would you mind posting it here? That way I don't have to go digging! hee hee!

Oh and keep it up. I didn't see any results after I think four days, and if I don't see results quickly, I crash and burn. How lame is that? So keep it up and don't quit like I did!!