Monday, January 11, 2010

My Progress

by Rebecca Talley

I started Phase 1 of the South Beach Diet a week ago. I stayed on it pretty well, though I did have a few bites of a flour tortilla on Tueday and some cereal yesterday. All in all, I did pretty well on it and plan to keep on it for another week. Then I'll move to Phase 2 which is really easy for me because it allows me to add in fruit, pasta, and cereal.

I have not snacked on sugary things, a big change from December. I do allow myself a Weight Watchers ice cream bar each night after dinner as a reward. Generally, the bars are about 130-150 calories. Enough of a sweet treat but not one that destroys my day's worth of eating. I also snack on whole almonds and drink as much water as I can manage (2-4 quarts).

I exercised M-Th for 60 minutes per day with Gilad on FitTV. I didn't exercise on Friday because I took my daughter into the oral surgeon to have her wisdom teeth removed. But, Saturday I helped my husband dig the Yukon out of the snow for an hour or so and then helped stack 60 bales of hay into our trailer so I decided I'd count that as my exercise.

Weigh-in today: I lost 3 lbs.

I'm hoping to lose another 3 lbs by the weigh-in next week.

Oh, and I love the background! Looks very Valentiney!


Tristi Pinkston said...

This is an awesome check-in and I'm glad you like the template. :)

Lynn Parsons said...

Great job! I had a 2-week headache when I tried low carb. Did you have this with South Beach?

Rebecca Talley said...

I haven't had headaches. I was thinking SB was high carb, high protein, high fiber, but I could be wrong. I know it's high fiber. It's worked for me.

Lynn Parsons said...

Good to know. Thanks!