Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I'm holding at 170, which is slightly up from before the holidays. All in all, I'm glad I didn't gain more than that.

So, here we go with the new year. My new goal is to lose 2 pounds a week. If I do that consistently until mid-April, I will be down 30 pounds by the LDS Storymakers writers conference. I will have to buy new clothes for the occasion (or just pull out some of my old, smaller clothes) because what fits me now is going to be much too big.

To do this, I've got to get back to what works for me.
1. Write down everything I eat.
2. Drink enough water.
3. No bag full of snacks at my desk while I work.
4. Increase exercise.
5. Blog regularly for accountability.


Tristi said...

I love the blogging regularly idea. :) That means we get to hear from you more often!

Kimberly Job said...

Yes, blog regularly. I love following everyone else's progress. It gives me motivation.

Kellie said...

Good job with those goals! You can do it! I hope I get to see you at the conference.